our story

"The PYPP is a gateway to the career development of every young person who is aspiring to excel in life through the provision of requisite skills, training opportunity, and mentoring. Every young person should take advantage of becoming a part of the PYPP. The process is free, fair and transparent. I am a witness." — PRECIOUS WELERKERMAH TOKPAH-FLOMO, CLASS V

The PYPP prides itself on a transparent, merit-based, rigorous selection process that gives each young Liberian an equal opportunity to become a President's Young Professional (PYP).

PYPs are selected through a well-defned, meritocratic process. Country-wide recruitment at universities and through radio, newspapers and social media encourages all qualifed candidates to apply, without regard to gender, background, or politics. PYPP runs an objective recruitment process in which names are removed from applications and candidates are taken through several selection phases, each with a diferent and independent selection committee comprised of professionals from the public sector, the private sector and academia.

core components

After they are selected, PYPs take part in the program's core components during their two year postings.


Through a two-week orientation program and ongoing monthly workshops, PYPs are trained on a range of professional skills including computer skills, financial literacy, communication skills, and meeting facilitation. The workshops also provide a space for PYPs to problem-solve with each other.


Each PYP is paired with a mentor (seasoned professional) who provides on-the-job support and coaching. These mentors are typically top-performing senior-level ministry staff who embrace the PYPP’s values and are eager to share professional development and career advice with PYPs.


PYPs are placed in critical roles across various ministries that expose them to significant responsibility and interactions with senior officials in order to build their confdence and strengthen their leadership skills. The PYPP maintains a performance management system to account for PYPs’ performance in the workplace.


PYPs gain a better understanding of local governance and build camaraderie as a cohort through bi-annual excursions to rural communities, during which they interact with community, youth leaders, and civil servants in local and regional governments.